Mark Zuckerberg and the Metaverse. Just a utopian dream?

By Carlos Fos
Date 19 4 22
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There are two ways of looking at it: A mere utopian dream or someone ahead of his time. We won’t know which one is right, not for a few years at least. However, we can form an idea if we look at Mark Zuckerberg’s overall vision, at Meta, and the evolution of metaverses in recent times.

The first question we need to answer is:


The founder of ‘Meta’ - previously known as Facebook - has been criticised over recent years for how he conveys himself, the way he dresses, for his judgements, how his companies invade privacy… However, one thing that has really ramped up the criticism is his foray into the metaverse.

As opposed to many other business people or celebrities who have launched their NFT collection or brand in the metaverse, Mark Zuckerberg has entered the metaverse with a purpose. No. Mark Zuckerberg has radically altered the company, even changing its name to Meta. Why do you ask?

This isn’t something that Zuckerberg pulled out of nowhere. Did you know that he invested millions into Oculus several years ago? When no one was aware of the metaverse, when virtual reality was still in its testing phase, he already had a vision of what was to come.

His next step was to create his own metaverse, along with changing brand name. And this metaverse won’t be like Decentraland or Sandboxing, human interaction and fun are the targets. To take social networks to the next level.

The metaverse may be on everyone’s lips, but you won’t find much of interest there over the short-term. What about the medium- and long-term though? 

Meta created 10,000 jobs to develop the soon-to-be-launched metaverse. Spain alone will see the opening of centre to provide jobs for thousands of programmers or IT experts to create this new Meta metaverse.

Despite the potential to actually offer a good experience, these types of metaverses seem very far-fetched for many people, leading to many people calling Zuckerberg crazy, accusing him of wanting to turn everyone into robots, plugged into a world far from reality.

Let’s not forget, everyone called him crazy when he was creating Facebook while at university. The entire university was using the social network months later.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Will the same thing happen with this new Meta? Let’s gaze into our crystal ball

Who knew what the metaverse was a year or two ago? Watching a Rick & Morty.

Everyone knows or has at least heard of the metaverse nowadays. Some know the name, others know its purpose, and others know what technology drives it, but almost everyone is aware of it.

Virtual reality headsets used to be an uncomfortable, huge, and extremely expensive gadget. You can now grab your own headset for around $200. And companies like Apple will soon showcase virtual reality headsets that are as comfortable and easy to use as sunglasses.

VR headsets previously immersed you into virtual reality by sight alone, but some now mimic touch and even smell.

Can you imagine strolling through a metaverse garden and smelling its flowers?

All this progress has come in just a few years. Still doubting the potential for incredible experiences in ‘Meta’ or any other metaverse in the years to come?

Many companies are already using Horizon Words, the business metaverse for presentations, meetings, and a lot more. It’s like having a meeting in the office, but each person is at home with their headset and their avatar in the metaverse.

If anyone is going to bring to fruition what many dismiss as the metaverse utopia, who better than Mark Zuckerberg? One of the best, richest, and most innovative businesspersons on the planet? So, we can conclusively state that this Meta proposal for a metaverse is much more a reality than utopia.

A utopia is an idyllic, impossible to achieve world. Blockchain technology is increasingly demonstrating that nothing is impossible.

Could this be Mark’s dream? It probably was at some point. To take his social networks to another level. But it isn’t a dream anymore. He is bringing it to fruition. This is just the start, there is still a long way to go, but he is bringing it to fruition.

Want to know how the metaverse will be used in the not-too-distant future?

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