We have reached the end of the track...

Hello #patroners!!

It has come a moment that we would have liked to announce never; Patronus ceases its operations and ends a project where all of us who have belonged, we have left our skin 😞

We faithfully believe that a product like ours must exist and we are sure that it will be so in the near future, we hope to see it with our own eyes 🙌

❤️ It only remains to thank you infinitely for loving us, for supporting us, for following our athletes and for being part of Patronus in some way.

We would be nothing without them:
– Marc Vich
– Pablo Echeverry
– Dani Muñoz
– Adrián Rodriguez.
– Alex Millan
– Ivonne Cerpa
– Marina Navarro.

👉 Remember their names, soon they will be on the front pages of many newspapers and on the podiums of all the circuits of the world.

So far our #farewell.

A big hug.

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